A Guide To Placing CCTV Cameras In The Office

A Guide To Placing CCTV Cameras In The Office

CCTV cameras are used by enterprises to protect their businesses and workers. Every Singapore company has a CCTV system.

Getting a good security system is merely the first step in building a safe work environment. As a company owner, you must know where to put cameras. When a crime happens, you need clear film to identify the culprit.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to place CCTV cameras. Our team has ideas. Find out where to put your cameras to maximize the efficacy of your CCTV system.


1. Entrances and exits

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Yes! Entrances and exits should be the first areas your CCTV system covers. You must also monitor alternative entries and exits for personnel and vendors. These entrances are other ways trespassers may enter your workplace, therefore watch the area.


2. Office reception or counter

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As the place where individuals check in and get a visitor’s pass, your reception area is important to monitor. So you can see everyone enter and exit the workplace. When the receptionist or security officer is busy, it’s simpler to see dubious visitors.


3. Document / asset rooms

3. asset

Corporate espionage and theft are typical corporate threats. If you place expensive equipment like computers and tablets or secret papers in an asset room, you must install CCTV.

Installing cameras eliminates blind spots. Multiple cameras in places where you keep company assets, office supplies, and private papers may show internal theft or corporate eavesdropping.


4. Employee working areas

4. Employee working areas

During lunch or after work, employees often leave their work devices or important papers unattended. Others may take essential information or equipment. Install CCTV cameras in the workplace to avoid internal theft.

Before installing CCTV, you must tell your staff whether they will be watched. This lets you explain your choice and hear employees’ concerns.


Installing a CCTV camera in the workplace might ease their privacy worries. The camera can record much of the workplace without invading employees’ privacy. When a CCTV system is placed in the workplace, workers are less inclined to slack off. Business owners must know where to install CCTV cameras. Our instructions will help you protect your workplace and workers. Your camera positioning isn’t enough. Your workplace needs a trustworthy surveillance system with strong security features. Ensure you choose the right CCTV system for your company. IRoyal Security can help you choose the perfect security system for your company. We’ll help with all aspects of workplace surveillance. Contact us now for a consultation.


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