h.264 vs h.265 Rating on your Digital Video Recorder or DVR – What Does it mean?

What does h.264 and h.265 mean?  An Introduction

H.264 (also called AVC-Advanced Video Coding) is an industry video compression standard. It enables digital video content from your CCTV Camera to be recorded, compressed, and distributed on your CCTV Surveillance DVR.

This operates by storing video frames using a method of block-oriented video compression based on motion-compensation. These units are known as macroblocks. Macroblocks (see picture below) typically consist of 16×16 pixel pieces. Which can be subdivided into blocks of conversion and subdivided into what are known as prediction blocks. While that may sound daunting, here’s what you need to know: the h.264 codec may significantly lower bit levels. Better than previous standards and is commonly used. They find it the most widely adopted video content-encoding, compressing, and transmission method.

How Is h.265 Different for a CCTV System?

h.265 video encoding is an improved technology for video encoding that doubles the compression capacity by up to 50 percent over h.264 encoding.

What this means is that you will only move those images at half the bit rate of the h.264 encoded images when transmitting images encoded with H.265. Ultimately, this allows more CCTV video storage and less bandwidth to be used.

With this dramatic increase in efficiency, it is no secret that h.265 cameras have earned considerable support from safety professionals and are suggested in many instances of video surveillance. The h.265 version is expected to be the industry standard for video in the security industry at some stage. All equipment now carried at IRoyal are now h.265 rated.

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The Advantages of h.265

Reduced bandwidth and memory usage is a key reason for moving to a security system for H.265 IP camera. This not only increases the image quality, but also increases the speed of your network. It provides users with a seamless video feed and increased video quality when watching their mobile security cameras.

One reason the image quality with h.265 is better is that it provides larger units or blocks of coding tree and these blocks can be from 4×4 to 64×64 anywhere. In h.264, the blocks are restricted to 16 x16. What that implies is that even when condensed, the smaller blocks provide greater clarity to restrict frozen and interrupted frames when broadcasting live.

You could store more videos with the reduced storage requirements of the h.265 file. The reduced file size eliminates the available storage space by about 50 percent -60 percent, allowing the user to retain it longer before they need to archive it, irrespective of whether the video is saved on an SD card or h.265 NVR or DVR.

Another benefit for the h.265 camera is that many delivery options are available. These cameras offer multiple streaming resolutions to choose from including 8 K Ultra HD streaming due to the fact that the h.265 produces optimal compression. The H.265 surveillance cameras can be used indoors as well as outdoors. You can use h.265 cameras for home security as well as at your place of business, just like other security cameras. These cameras are particularly useful if you want to use a minimum amount of bandwidth to cover a large area.

What Does h.265 Mean for CCTV Security & Surveillance Cameras?

When checking out the live feed or feed of your security camera that you have recorded and stored, you no longer have to suffer through subpar video quality. This higher compression efficiency means that your device will maintain a high standard of video quality.

This also means that because you need less space (better compression), and therefore you can store more CCTV footage.

As I said earlier, the quality of 4k video is great, but with h.264 it takes up a lot of space on your hard disc drive – h.265 (HVEC) makes streaming and downloading much easier.


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