Vstarcam CB72 4G Mini Camera HD 1080P


Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Full HD 1080P Mini Camera.
  • Built-in 2600mAh battery and 2 years of long standby time.
  • 4G Micro SIM card power network & DV mode recorder
  • Human Movement PIR Detection and Absence of Detection alarm
  • Two-way Audio real-time communication & IR-Cut Night Vision, invisible IR lights.
  • 8-256GB TF card & Cloud storage

4G Micro SIM card Camera power network
4G LTE power network, no worries about slow network or poor wifi coverage.
4G and DV Mode Modes, 2 modes, 2 different use.
4G mode
Turn on 4G mode, insert the Micro SIM card, connect the remote camera with the mobile phone, for remote monitoring by mobile phone.
DV mode
Turn on the DV mode, use as the DV recorder or in the car dash of the camera
2600mAh Battery, 2 year Long standby time, low power consumption
√ Compare with other branded camera, Vstarcam CB72 camera is built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery, with a full charge time the waiting time can be brought up to 2 years, lower power consumption.
√ USB power interface, it can be charged by computer, power bank or power outlet, easy to get fully charged
1080P FHD and 30fps
√ 1 / 2.9 inch 1080p progressive scan CMOS sensor has adopted, super clear visual experience, just like what you see with your eyes.
√ 30fps frame rate, super stable and smooth video playback, no more stuck.
Human PIR detection alarm
6 feet PIR detection, more accurate to detect, efficiently reduce the invalid alarm, which can effectively filter the valid alarm caused by swing curtain, light change, non-human passing, shacking, etc.
When it detects human movement, the camera will immediately alert you from your cell phone.
√Email √ App push message √ FTP
Absences Detection Alarm
Built a monitoring area, if no one in the specific area the camera will immediately be the alarm is from your cell phone.
Invisible IR night vision lights, the camera easy to hide
With 8pcs 940nm IR LEDs without infrared light exposure, not easy to find in the dark at night with super clear night vision, it will give you a quiet and safe night experience.
Live Video Talking and Listening, Real-Time Two-Way Audio
Built-in Microphone and Loudspeaker, no matter when and where you are (even in another country), it makes you easy to listen and speak just like the visual phone, AND to know what happened in the monitoring area.
Remotly View anytime anywhere
No matter when and where you are, it is able to monitor the camera.
√ IOS √ Android √ Windows
Visible SD Card Slot and Cloud Storage Service
Visible sd card slot makes it easy to install the sd card. 4G CB72 camera battery support up to 256GB recording SD card.
It also has cloud service support, uploading the download from remote coverage, makes it more convenient to get the video.
√ SD card support (8-256GB)
√ Cloud service
Camera details
√ The camera size is 36.5 * 52mm
√ Visible SIM card slot and sd card slot
√ Contains magnetic mounting, easy to install.

Vstarcam CB72 4G Mini Camera HD 1080P


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