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MAG Muti-Purpose Steam Iron


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M.A.G Steam Iron
MAG Steam Iron | Premium Steam Iron | High Performance 2200 Watts |
Steam Jet Function | Vertical Steam Function | Dual Dry and Steam Function | Self Cleaning Function | 

*Super Multi Function

Use it as a Dry Iron, Spray Iron, Steam Iron, Vertical Steam Iron or Self Cleaning

*Dry Iron

To enable dry ironing, simply turn the steam control minimum position and your iron is now a dry iron
*Spray Ironing
To enable spray iron, ensure you have enough water in the 250 ml water tank and simply press the spray button. Steam will emerge from the spraying nozzle
*Steam Ironing
To use steam Ironing, turn the steam control to maximum position
*Bursting Steam
Set the temperature control to the maximum position and press down the bursting steam button. The ceramic base plate will spray out bursting steam
*Anti Drip
The iron is equipped with a drip stop function and it will automatically stop steaming when the temperature is too low so as to prevent water from dripping out of the sole plate.
*Anti Calc
The anti calc function filtrates the minerals from the water to prevent =mineral residue build up in th esteam chamber
*Self Cleaning
The function of self cleaning is to clean the soleplate when you use the iron regularly

Available in 3 different colors: 

RedOrange & Green

Ceramic Sole Plate

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 > By purchasing this deal, you agree that in the event that your selected color is sold out, another color will be shipped out. 


This product is warranted for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects 

Safety Mark Approved

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MAG Steam Iron with braided power cable + Safety Mark 3 Pin Plug
Water Container
User Manual
Warranty Certificate

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