Wristband Voice Recorder in-Built 8GB Memory * Simple to Operate * HD Audio * Spy Recorder *

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Wristband Voice Recorder 8GB Built-in memory

Wristband design voice recorder

One key operation, simple and practical

Continuous recording about 20 hours

It is going more and more popular of the wearable devices

And applicable and flexible in any special occasions that you need the “Voice”. Such as meeting, class, interview etc.

Recorder itself is detachable from wristband and can be used without it.

1. One button recording: Please push the “Turn On/Off” button to “On” position,the indicator light will shift from red to white, signifying recording is in process.

2. Stop recording: In the recording condition, push the “Turn On/Off” button to “Off” position or connect the recorder to the PC by USB interface, the white light will go off, it stops and saves the recording files automatically.

3. Playback: After recording completes, please play the recording files on the PC.

4. Setting time: Connect the recorder with computer and open the folder “SetUDiskTimea” under the disk directory. Then double click the program “SetUDiskTime(9X).exe” in the folder. After that the time of the recorder will be in sync with your computer system time.

5. Charging: Connect the USB interface to computer. When the red light blinks, it means charging, when fully charged, the indicator light steady red. It can continue recording about 20 hours once fully recharged.

6. Micro USB port for accessing the stored voice recordings and charging of device.You will be able to charge and access audio files at the same time

If the indicator light becomes red and blinking during recording, it means the power is not enough, please stop recording and charge the machine. Features

High quality recording, audio bit rate: 128Kbps

Continuous recording about 20 hours

1 x Voice Recorder Wristband
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual



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