How much does a CCTV System cost?

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Which brand of CCTV cameras are mostly used in the market presently?

There are a number of companies serving the diverse requirements of public security and reducing their efforts with robust surveillance products. Where there is a large number of CCTV brands fighting solely on prices, some choose to cater to the need of the people, for whom, quality is the primary factor.

  1. Hikvision is one of the most renowned Chinese CCTV brands engaged in offering a wide array of the security solutions, and are present in India.
  2. Dahua has the market with its high tech CCTV cameras with the lowest price.
  3. IRoyal offers a single stop solution for all your security needs with a comprehensive range of the security and surveillance products at the best rates.

What types of customers do you serve?

Yes, we welcome enquires from Dealers, System Integrators, Resellers as well.

Where can I buy CCTV cameras in Singapore?

CCTV cameras offer a lot of value these days as security has become one of the prime concerns.

iRoyalTech provides you the best CCTV deals in your city as they provide affordable and quality services right at your door step. They provide you the best quality security camera system with both installation and maintenance services. They even provide a pre-sales checklist and doing a customised quotation to you before hand so that you are assured of the quality of the camera and its basic functioning.

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How many types of CCTV cameras are there?

  1. Bullet Type Cameras are designed for capturing images in a fixed area. These cameras are recognized by their thin and cylindrical design. There are also classifications of Ultra Bullet distinguished by their smaller size and cheaper price.
  2. Dome Cameras, named after the shape of their housing are designed for in-store installations. It works in two ways as it is unobtrusive but visible, thus, it warns people that the area is protected by a CCTV network and gives comfort to its clients for its security.
  3. Discreet CCTVs are cameras in disguise, they could look like a fan or any other thing that would not seem suspicious in the area.
  4. Infrared Cameras are designed for evening lookouts. It captures images with the help of its infrared lighting surrounding its lens.
  5. Day/Night Types are used for 24/7 installation, these cameras compensate light conditions with its wide dynamic range to function in glare, direct sunlight, reflections and strong backlight.
  6. Varifocal Cameras are designed to allow zooming in and out without losing focus on the image.
  7. Network Cameras allow transmission of images through the internet with controlled bandwidth.
  8. Wireless cameras are cameras that may or may not be connected to the internet. These cameras use signalling devices to transmit images from camera to viewing area.
  9. PTZ Cameras or pan-tilt-zoom are cameras that can moved. There are variations of these cameras that are programmable and are manually controllable. This allows viewers to have more freedom and control on viewing things.
  10. High definition cameras are often used in casinos or high risk establishment. With its high resolution lens, capturing images are possible giving viewers a finer detail on taken images.

What’s the point of fake CCTV cameras?

It is to make people think that they are being monitored while not actually recording anything. Number of crimes substantially go down in the presence of a surveillance camera which is visible to people. This is not to say that people won’t commit crimes at all in its presence.

When you show people that you carry a revolver with you, they will be careful not to pick a fight with you whether or not there are bullets in it. Although,some people would still try to hurt you in certain scenarios.

This scenario is pretty much the same.