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Anviz FacePass 7 Ultra Wide Range Face Recognition and Face Identification System

$1,000.00 $671.20

FacePass 7 flagship face recognition product launched by Anviz, based on new infrared technology design, using the world’s leading BioNANO core algorithm, with a powerful processor and hardware computing platform, face detection, identification and event real-time push can be easily implemented. It can realize accurate facial recognition under various environments.

New infrared Face Technology
Non-red exposure source, ultra-wide range of face recognition

Live Detection
Active infrared light source design to effectively
filter photos and pictures

Built-in Webserver
Basic equipment settings, personnel, and records query report Export etc.

Multiple Communication Methods
Support TCP/IP, RS485, U disk communication,
WiFi, optional 3G

High Capacity
3,000 users, 100,000 records

3.2″ HD TFT Touch Screen
Full-view HD touch screen, intuitive and
convenient operation

Identification Modes: Face, card, password multiple ways to choose, convenient, flexible and safe to use

Attendance Status: User-defined function keys to switch attendance state, meeting multiple identification needs

Card: Standard EM, Optional Mifare

Open the Door Remotely: Remote opening through network and software management

Security: Security incident monitoring and alarm

Access Control Interface: Support Relay Output, Wiegand26/34 Input and output, magnetic, etc.

Infrared Sensing: Infrared sensor activation

U Disk Download: Support U disk, user information record backup, And firmware upgrade


Anviz FacePass 7 Anviz FacePass 7 Anviz FacePass 7