Best places to install a CCTV camera for safety at the office

Best places to install a CCTV camera for safety at the office

CCTV camera position choice is a significant component for gaining the best outcomes from the monitoring scheme. Investigation and deterrence are the two main reasons why CCTV cameras are installed in the office. If your surveillance system can provide you with a clear picture and sequence of the event, the goal of installing the CCTV camera has been accomplished. You need to choose the right places to install the cameras in your office in this connection.

How to select the finest CCTV camera sites?

To recognize the individual or individuals engaged in any crime, a clear picture is useful. In addition, evidence recording provides a lot of data for any conclusion to be reached. The following general principles concentrated during the installation of CCTV cameras to attain these goals.

• The cameras must be closer to the item on the primary static points in order to capture a clear and identifiable picture.

• The cams must be mounted at broader angles in a broader place where you track the activity of the target.

You can choose the best 5 places to install CCTV cameras in your office

In the perspective of the above principles, the following places for CCTV cameras are suggested.

  1. Entry point:

The office or building entry point is the first place that can provide the goal’s finest picture. Everyone requires time to look at the entrance and open the gate. More helpful to define the individual is the picture or video is taken from this stage. The CCTV camera must be mounted nearer to the entry point. The best-suggested range is approximately 3-4 feet from human average height.

  1. At the reception desk or counter:

The next significant place to be covered with a CCTV camera is the office reception or counter. This place also offers a clear picture of the goal. You can install one near (low level) and a broader range camera depending on the size and place of the receiving counter. If we see crime scenes occurring all over the world, we can evaluate that most of the offenses are occurring on money counters. Therefore, while choosing sites for CCTV cameras, this location requires more attention.

  1. Staffroom or region of work:

The significant places to be covered with CCTV cameras are the staff room and region of work. The monitoring scheme is an unblinking eye for monitoring the activity at the workplace. The security system enables you to understand the Entry into the workplace of unauthorized individuals. In addition, the CCTV camera made it simple for the boss to monitor the office’s employees and employees. You can now monitor your staff’s activities through a TV screen. CCTV camera also operates in the office as a manager.

  1. Blind shops and corners:

For greater safety and surveillance, CCTV cameras need to cover the office building’s blind angles and shops. Wide-angle cameras are best advised at these concealed places because the camera installed at a remote place can cover more region.

  1. Parking and parking facilities:

Surveillance is also required for the parking area and garages adjacent to your office. Although both near and wide-angle cameras are needed in the parking area; however, wide-angle cameras are generally mounted at these places. Depending on the place, if space and budget enable, install CCTV camera near and far to define the goal and record the sequence of event or crime.


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