Home Security Cameras: Need or Luxury in a Home Protection System?

Home Security Cameras: Need or Luxury in a Home Protection System?

The solutions in Singapore CCTV home protection systems are available from a straightforward deadbolt to a video surveillance scheme around the clock.

Not every system comes with home security cameras. Different families have distinct requirements and will make different purchasing decisions depending on how they plan to use the system.

For example, families with young children or an elderly or teenage member may want to include video in their home protection package to always ensure that the environment is safe, even if they are not at home.

Others may be more concerned with property security, and will not require to purchase a home protection plan that includes home security cameras. Determine what’s in the normal set to decide what you need and whether you want to add it to the video to make the system more robust.

Can You Get By With No Video Proof?

Look over the normal facilities that can be included in a typical home security scheme to determine if you want video or not. It will assist you in determining your decisions and creating a budget. Here are some of the normal facilities included in a scheme for home security.

  • Door and Window Sensors – If you are concerned that someone might enter your home in Singapore through a door or a window, you can get sensors to warn you if that occurs. The alert goes to a central monitoring station that can also be hooked up to alert the nearest police state.

  • Touchscreen Panels – These are panels that enable you to set the system for home security. Some come with capacities for remote control and two-way communication. You can install one or more panels in your home to have access to either the back door or the front door to set the system.

  • Key Fobs – You can also use the main fob to turn the system on or off. It’s the same concept as locking the gates and setting the alarm on a key fob on your vehicle. It’s not just a comfort instrument, but you can also use it to call the main surveillance station, even if you’re not in the house.

  • Glass Break Detector – This little tool will assist you to find out if your window is broken, even if you’re not around to hear a burglar do it. It can be your first line of protection, and if it is attacked, give you time to flee from the house. It is an additional level of protection from the window sensor that only tells you when a window is opened, not when it is broken.

  • Alarms – You can do that if you want a horn alarm installed so it goes off when an intruder is detected by the home security system. You can also send silent alarms to the police station to get assistance immediately. For elderly people who may need help, but not police protection, life alert alarms can get the help they need when they need to come back.

  • Motion Detector – You can position these outside the house close to doors and windows or inside the house to warn you when you’re not home. Motion detectors are one way to find out if there is something going on around your backyard and they can be connected to flood lamps as well as your home security system.

All of these schemes operate well to detect intruders and maintain Singapore secure for your family and valuables. They don’t offer you any visual proof of who could cause difficulty, though.

Moreover, if it is your own family that may be at risk from their own operations, not some stranger lurking in the backyard, then you also want to include home security cameras in your package.

Different Types of Cameras Available

You’ll have several decisions for cases that require video. Modern technology enables you to purchase a system for real-time viewing that hooks a camera up to the Internet. You can even record video for later viewing if you don’t have the time to do that. Here are a few options:

Fixed Video Cameras – This camera is placed with a fixed perspective in a fixed place. If someone is not in the view frame, it will not be captured by the camera. It can be a less costly way to capture video if you understand what region requires video.

Pan and Tilt Video Cameras – These enable you to tilt and pan the region being photographed. They can be used remotely if you want to see something outside the fixed frame when you’re not at home. They’re more costly to purchase.

Hidden Home Security Cameras – This is also a chance if you want to conceal the indoor or outdoor security camera from the perspective in Singapore. Some individuals prefer to announce that they have an (as a deterrent) home safety scheme, and others prefer to conceal that reality. Hidden cameras will be harder to install and more costly than those visibly mounted.


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