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Analog CCTV vs Network IP Systems

Analog CCTV vs Network IP Systems There is really no longer any doubt about the importance of installing a video surveillance system at a business location or monitoring a business property. Seeing even small businesses without some sort of a security camera system that protects the property, staff, and tourists of the location are much […]

h.264 vs h.265 Rating on your Digital Video Recorder or DVR – What Does it mean?

h.265 video encoding is an improved technology for video encoding that doubles the compression capacity by up to 50 percent over h.264 encoding.

What this means is that you will only move those images at half the bit rate of the h.264 encoded images when transmitting images encoded with H.265. Ultimately, this allows more CCTV video storage and less bandwidth to be used.

Security Cameras for Car Dealerships

Security Cameras for Car Dealerships Investing in car dealership security cameras will ensure the safety of the on-site expensive car stock. Most car dealerships usually keep out a large portion of their inventory outside, which can make them enticing offenders targets. The amount of automobiles that vary from a few thousand dollars to a few […]

Reasons To Buy A Hidden Security Camera

Reasons To Buy A Hidden Security Camera Often Singaporeans want their security cameras to be big and noticeable. Why? They want to be sure that thieves, trespassers, and other criminals can see them. People even hang up signs around the property saying that it is being monitored. In many instances, these strategies are enough to […]

The Importance of Security Video Playback

The Importance of Security Video Playback Surveillance in Singapore is very common. It is very reliable to use Digital Video Recorders to archive video footage captured by surveillance cameras. Basically, a Digital Video Recorder is essentially an electronic device used to record videos to a mass storage system in digital format. A DVR’s core components […]

Buy Security Cameras Tips

Buy Security Cameras Tips If you’re looking to purchase online security cameras, then assuming you value safety is secure. People around the globe have been using security camera systems for a long time. As security and surveillance technology advances become more commercially accessible, safety cameras are more practical to own. A short overview of some […]

How Many Home Security Cameras Does Your Home Need?

How Many Home Security Cameras Does Your Home Need? Security cameras in your home play a crucial role. They assist prevent prospective criminals from breaking into your home. They can also provide proof of conviction that can be used in court. It is essential to ensure that you have installed the right number of security […]

Understanding Security Cameras for Retails

Understanding security cameras for retails For many years now, installing a security CCTV package in the shop has been the prevalent practice with retail shops. Thanks to innovative technology that addresses past problems, modern security camera systems give incredible advantages. Any successful retail store’s security and safety is a significant concern. Burglaries, shoplifters, and dishonest staff are just some of the most prevalent safety threats that a retail store needs to remain alert to guarantee the business ‘ ongoing achievement. Not only will it protect your merchandise, employees, and customers from harm by installing […]

3 Reasons Why Your Family Needs A Wireless Security System

Today, the world seems to have become a hazardous place. Criminals appear to be lurking everywhere in the shadows waiting to strike the perfect moment. Things often occur when kiddos from are away from home. For example, for the previous century or so, news outlets and social media covered classroom shootings at an alarming pace. […]

Best places to install a CCTV camera for safety at the office

Best places to install a CCTV camera for safety at the office CCTV camera position choice is a significant component for gaining the best outcomes from the monitoring scheme. Investigation and deterrence are the two main reasons why CCTV cameras are installed in the office. If your surveillance system can provide you with a clear […]