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h.264 vs h.265 Rating on your Digital Video Recorder or DVR – What Does it mean?

h.265 video encoding is an improved technology for video encoding that doubles the compression capacity by up to 50 percent over h.264 encoding.

What this means is that you will only move those images at half the bit rate of the h.264 encoded images when transmitting images encoded with H.265. Ultimately, this allows more CCTV video storage and less bandwidth to be used.

3 Types of DVR Systems for Recording Security Footage

3 Types of DVR Systems for Recording Security Footage Surveillance in iRoyal is very common in this age. In order to archive video footage recorded by surveillance cameras, it is very reliable to use Digital Video Recorders. Basically, a Digital Video Recorder is an electronic device that is used to record videos in digital format […]

How to Choose the Right Security DVR

Since the development of technology, DVRs have been widely used in CCTV systems in Singapore. There are many brands of DVRs with high end unit or low quality unit in the security market in Singapore. The initial decision to make is what amount of money you are willing to spend and whether you need a […]

NVR Security System VS DVR Security System

NVR Security System VS DVR Security System Are you thinking of buying your new security system or upgrading your old security system in Singapore? One often faces questions in the market about matters they have no idea about. So it is very important for you to do your research so you can be ready to […]