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Wide Dynamic Range

Wide Dynamic Range extends image visibility under high contrast lighting scenes and improves object identification in critical surveillance scenarios

Introduction Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology increases image quality in high-contrast lighting situations, such as when there are both poorly illuminated and brilliantly lighted areas in the field of vision. It allows the camera to catch fine details in both dimly lit and brightly lit portions of the video. Applications The capacity to distinguish features […]

Differences in Camera Resolutions


Differences in Camera Resolutions The resolution of a camera is one of the most critical and desired features. The resolution of a camera is crucial for generating usable images capable of identifying individuals and license plates. The ability to provide a much higher resolution than a traditional analog camera has long been a benefit of […]

h.264 vs h.265 Rating on your Digital Video Recorder or DVR – What Does it mean?

h.265 video encoding is an improved technology for video encoding that doubles the compression capacity by up to 50 percent over h.264 encoding.

What this means is that you will only move those images at half the bit rate of the h.264 encoded images when transmitting images encoded with H.265. Ultimately, this allows more CCTV video storage and less bandwidth to be used.