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Leveraging PIC to Boost Your Business with Office Door Access System

Leveraging PIC to Boost Your Business with Office Door Access System

The Singaporean economy is experiencing a surge of business innovation, with entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes contributing to its strength and competitiveness on the global stage. Among the various grants available to recognize and support these efforts, the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) stands out as a well-known option. PIC aims to enhance business […]


WHAT IS THE BEST HOME CCTV SYSTEM? Utilize our advice on the best home CCTV system to protect your house and family. Find out how to choose the best security system with these handy tips. With so many high-tech security cameras and CCTV systems on the market today, protecting your house has never been simpler. […]

Things To Consider While Hiring A CCTV Camera Dealer

This article will teach you about factors to consider when hiring a CCTV camera dealer. At the moment, security is a huge worry all over the world. It might be in any workplace, restaurant, hotel, retail mall, grocery store, highway, school, or home. Security includes a wide range of entities and features. In the case […]

5 Major Advantages of Placing CCTV Cameras in Public Places

This post will discuss the five major advantages of placing CCTV cameras in public places. Public surveillance cameras help you stay safe when you’re out clubbing, shopping, or traveling. The public security cameras can be utilized to monitor for any crimes that are being committed. 5 Major Advantages of Placing CCTV Cameras in Public Places […]


In this post, you will discover the significance of CCTV cameras in schools. Every parent and responsible citizen has questions and reservations as a result of the rising instances of carelessness and crimes that violate children’s innocence. Making sure our kids are protected and feel safe at all times is urgently needed. We can all […]


When it comes to their security requirements, ships are no different from other types of public and commercial spaces in that they frequently use CCTV. Modern CCTV security systems are becoming more and more necessary to enhance on-board security. It makes sense that maritime applications would be different from on-shore pursuits. It is necessary to […]

MARITIME ( 24/7 Superb images for safety and security in maritime )

Marine CCTV systems are very useful at sea since they provide a live picture from the bridge during maneuvering and berthing and unberthing procedures. A quick scan of the area around the ship is necessary to assess the risks and complexity of threats like piracy, smuggling, and terrorism before deciding what to do in the […]


CCTV and IP cameras are the most common security cameras on the market today. While both are successful, they vary in design, installation, protection, and more. Here are some distinctions between the two security cameras to help you decide: IP Security Cameras Uses ethernet Cat5e or Cat6 cables if not wireless for connection Can use […]