MARITIME ( 24/7 Superb images for safety and security in maritime )

Marine CCTV systems are very useful at sea since they provide a live picture from the bridge during maneuvering and berthing and unberthing procedures.
A quick scan of the area around the ship is necessary to assess the risks and complexity of threats like piracy, smuggling, and terrorism before deciding what to do in the event of a threat. The camera streams should be accessible from numerous locations, such as the citadel, in case things get out of hand. They should be able to stream over even the slowest satellite connections. While supporting regular operations, CCTV also provides a wealth of information for incident investigations while the vessel is being loaded or unloaded.

The ecosystem of Hikvision provides solutions based on both contemporary low-latency IP technology and conventional coax wiring. A dependable recording solution and flexible use of multi-site live view are provided by the IP backbone. Any PC can be used to view the video streams, and tablets and smartphones can even be utilized to offer the captain immediate access to the streams from his own cabin.

The ability to see in total darkness is another wonderful benefit of our thermal technology. It can also be used to keep an eye on temperatures to prevent fire, which is a major risk, particularly in maritime environments.


1. Fire Prevention

Fire is a very dangerous thing, especially aboard a vessel at sea. Even before a fire has started, thermal imaging technology allows for the detection of rising temperatures and the triggering of an alarm. This enables the staff to respond quickly and prevent a potential fire.

2. Night Vision

High-quality photos are necessary both during the day and at night. You may be confident that you will always be able to see what is going on, even in dark surroundings, by using either thermal imaging technology, Hikvision’s Darkfighter, or ColorVu technology.

3. End-to-end solution

A whole end-to-end solution is available from Hikvision. Since only one manufacturer produces and delivers all components, internal communication between parts will go well because there won’t be any problems with incompatible protocols. A full bundle that guarantees simple operation is the end result.



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