Although CCTV systems have long been used in professional settings, more and more people are installing them on their personal properties. It makes perfect sense because it is an easy way to secure your property and is generally trouble-free once installed. But are you aware of the numerous kinds of cameras you may install in your house? Here is a glossary to help you understand some of the phrases you may run across when looking at CCTV cameras.

  • Bullet cameras

These are the typical “bullet-shaped cameras” that can be mounted anywhere but are frequently seen in more professional settings (inside or out). They tend to cover open places and are more noticeable, which serves as an excellent deterrent to anyone looking. They are sturdy in our Scottish weather and have a superb, extended field of view. Additionally, they have a variety of features (detailed below).

  • Turret cameras

These smaller cameras are more covert and frequently utilized in home settings. They are quite similar to dome cameras but do not have the plastic cover. However, they can be installed in the majority of parts of the property and are still noticeable to those who are searching (internally and externally). Now available in white and dark gray, they can better match the building. They offer a wide range of characteristics, which are shown below, and are available with fixed and changeable lenses.

  • Pan, tilt and zoom

These give you greater control over how you view things because you can move them to cover a wider area and modify their pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. Because of their greater infrared range and zoom capabilities, they are frequently utilized in more commercial settings, including big parking lots, agricultural structures, and shopping malls.

  • Vandal proof / Dome cameras

These cameras, which have a clear plastic dome-shaped cover to prevent tampering, are essentially what they claim to be. They are particularly adaptable because they may be installed on or off a variety of surfaces throughout the building, including walls, ceilings, and brackets. They have a variety of characteristics, including wide-angle lenses, infrared, and motion sensor chips. These offer a fantastic wide-angle vision and are frequently utilized in a variety of contexts, both commercial and domestic. However, if the camera dome is improperly sealed, moisture can enter the cover and obstruct any image. It is important to be informed that if installed in a location where it can get wet, the image over the cover may also be affected.

  • Wide angle

This is great as a component of a larger system that covers a larger region. Despite some edge distortion, the image can capture a wide region with excellent detailing. Domestic use is typically less common; it is more common in retail, hotels, etc.

Most common features of some of these cameras:

  • Infrared

The camera has infrared sensors that allow it to take pictures at night. These days, they are almost always included in cameras and are essential for reliable nighttime recognition. The most typical distances employed in a household environment are 20, 30, and 40 meters, while commercial applications can go much further.

  • Colour vision camera

These enable color vision in both daytime and nighttime scenes. Although this technology comes in many different formats, some of which are better than others, a good color image makes identification much simpler in the event of an incident.

  • Variable zoom

These cameras, which are slightly more expensive than ones with fixed lenses, can zoom in and out and have changeable focal lengths. More control is possible, and it can zoom in to provide more information.

  • Fixed lens

This indicates that the lens is set to cover a particular area. It implies that a huge area may be covered, and if the camera has a high-quality chip, the image will be uniformly nice throughout.

  • Thermal imaging

Due to its capacity to observe thermal variations and produce a thermal map, this kind of camera is now much more prevalent in business settings. It is more frequently used in commercial settings than in homes.

  • HD / 4K Cameras

Manufacturers are now able to build cameras of much higher quality than ever before at a considerably lower cost because of improvements made to the chips inside them. When paired with other features like motion sensors, facial recognition, and thermal imaging, it makes identification simpler and increases the likelihood that the image will be useful in the event of an incident.


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