Wide Dynamic Range

Wide Dynamic Range extends image visibility under high contrast lighting scenes and improves object identification in critical surveillance scenarios


Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology increases image quality in high-contrast lighting situations, such as when there are both poorly illuminated and brilliantly lighted areas in the field of vision. It allows the camera to catch fine details in both dimly lit and brightly lit portions of the video.


The capacity to distinguish features even in videos shot in such high-contrast lighting settings is critical for security applications like identifying individuals or car license plates. Using a camera with good WDR helps you to capture intricate details by exposing both the darkest and brightest areas of the scene correctly. 

Wide Dynamic Range
Wide Dynamic Range

Iroyaltech Comprehensive Range of WDR Solutions

Iroyaltech offers a wide range of WDR solutions to meet the demands of its customers. WDR Enhanced uses software-based tone mapping technology, which identifies regions in the field of view that are either too dark or too bright, then adjusts them to provide a picture that nearly resembles what the naked eye would see. WDR Pro II is much better, collecting four pictures at once for significantly more pre-visualization.


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Wide Dynamic Range
Wide Dynamic Range


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