Yes, IP cameras can be hacked. Like other advanced devices, there are ways to prevent or stop hacking. The federal Wiretap Act makes hacking unlawful in the U.S. by combining deliberately gaining unauthorized access to equipment with physically interfering to get particular information or access. Hackers or malevolent parties may use:

-Ascertaining the IP address to a device or IP camera system

-Physically tampering with a machine to find model information

-Physically adding malicious hardware to a device

-Phishing or scamming for access to the security system

-Dishonestly gaining access to the physical system

-Creation and distribution of malware

-Password cracking


As demonstrated in this and the prior jammer piece, hacking is more complex than other crimes and may be as easy as an email or as complicated as a months-to-years-long procedure. Good news is that home hacking is rare and can be stopped with simple steps. Home or business owners may protect their IP camera system from hackers by:

-Password protection

-Use Dynamic IP address

-Keep everything updated

-Practice discipline with email

-Directly wiring each IP camera

-Never download unvetted software

-Limit access to the IP camera system

-Secure surveillance camera placement


Using all of these options may not be possible, but they will help protect an IP camera system from attackers. Employing common sense with electrical gadgets might help secure your security system. Password protection, upgrading each gadget quickly, adopting online discipline, and restricting access to your security gear are free, personal measures. Directly connecting each camera to a local network reduces hacking risk.


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