Over the previous decade, surveillance manufacturers created MJPEG to H.265 encoders. Higher resolution with less bandwidth is the goal. Hikvision has raised the bar with its new H.265+ encoder, while other firms struggle to switch to H.265.

Differences between H.264, H.265 and H.265+.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s avoid technicalities. Reduced bitrate (the number of bits that are transferred or processed per unit of time.) lower bandwidth (measured in bits per second).


H.265+ employs a steady backdrop image to concentrate on moving objects. When a moving item disrupts surveillance, H265+ utilizes it as a reference frame. The system only adds data for moving objects.

Hikvision introduces an unmatched H.265+ encoder. H.265+ utilizes H.265/HEVC encoders with the same resolution but less bandwidth and storage. . It expands ultra HD video’s use in 8MP and 12MP surveillance equipment. It will minimize storage costs and boost ultra-HD video appeal.


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