It should come as no surprise that hackers and bots are attacking internet-connected gadgets in this day and age. The recorder or cameras must have an internet connection in order for consumers to remotely watch their security cameras. However, this makes security cameras and systems susceptible to conceivable intrusions. Fortunately, there are a lot of steps that businesses and homeowners can take to guard against tampered security cameras.


Because password security is so crucial, students in primary schools are taught about it. The first line of defense for preventing unauthorized access to computers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices is often passwords. We advise creating distinct, secure passwords for each of your devices. A reliable software-based password manager may help keep passwords safe and guard against their being lost or forgotten. Passwords shouldn’t be shared with someone you don’t trust or who may divulge them to others. Password security may be improved by changing them at least every 90 to 6 months.

Don’t forget to use strong passwords to safeguard your email and social media accounts. Often, it is the recovery email account that is taken first and not the password for the security camera or system that triggers a breach. Visit the website Have I Been Pwned to see if your email address or password has already been compromised and is being circulated online.

Two-factor authentication is a second line of defense for password security. In order for a login to be permitted, two-factor authentication uses a different device, often a smartphone or the appropriately titled authenticator app. Two-factor authentication may already be known to you if you log into your bank account online and get a security code through SMS. For an additional layer of protection, enable two-factor authentication on your email and any other device that supports it.


Updates to the software or firmware for your security cameras or security system should always be confirmed with the manufacturer or vendor from where you acquired them. Updates might include patches for serious flaws or hacker-usable exploits. Some gadgets have the ability to scan the internet for updates and download them.


The gateway for security cameras and recorders is the local computer network and Internet connection. It is simpler for hackers to target cameras and other IoT devices within a network if it has been infiltrated and is readily accessible to hackers.

A smart place to start is by managing your own network with a reliable firewall and having an IT expert examine your network. One of the first things you should do is make sure your router’s firewall is active and put up stringent settings. Denying access to websites from foreign IP addresses is a good general practice. For instance, prohibit IP address ranges coming from nations known for attacking security cameras and systems, such as Russia and China.


The issue is comparable to hazardous counterfeit products available on Amazon. Manufacturing efficiency improvements come at the expense of the consumer. Many camera brands are offered at such low rates, but they often lack the necessary research and development to protect them against internet-based assaults.

Software that is poorly developed has oversights that may be used by hackers to exploit common vulnerabilities. Additionally, there are websites that list hacked security cameras from all around the globe. Some websites that are more sinister provide login credentials for cameras that have been compromised or broadcast footage from compromised cameras for public viewing.

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