Security Cameras for Car Dealerships

Security Cameras for Car Dealerships

Investing in car dealership security cameras will ensure the safety of the on-site expensive car stock. Most car dealerships usually keep out a large portion of their inventory outside, which can make them enticing offenders targets. The amount of automobiles that vary from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars makes a car dealership insecure. In fact, harsh weather surprises could destroy automobiles and properties.

Modern security camera systems are capable of providing innovative features for car dealerships. And are simple to use at surprisingly affordable rates that are well-tailored to any budget. This article would address drawbacks, incentives, and practical methods to incorporate video surveillance in a car dealership.

Every business ‘ safety, including a car dealer, is vital to ongoing success. Security cameras are an investment in the security and future of a business.

Considerations When Installing Security Cameras

To get the most out of car dealership security cameras, a number of factors need to be weighed. Such variables will help to determine the type of security cameras or functionality a car dealer can best benefit from. And how security cameras can be incorporated. The best way to determine this is by posing any questions.

One of these concerns was, in the past year how many robberies were there? When several thefts have occurred then it is clear that the dealership has significant weaknesses in security. The local area where a car dealer is situated will indicate how many security cameras are required and what features.

Even if a car dealer hasn’t had any thefts in the previous year, some car dealership security cameras still need to be adopted to ensure property and people stay safe. There may be variations in criminal activity. Although there may be very few cases of robbery in one year, the next year may be dramatically different.

Another factor is to locate the most vulnerable areas of the shop and warehouse to abuse. Identifying certain areas of challenge can support a car dealer Determine where the best security cameras positions might be. This can also save money by purchasing only the necessary security cameras.

A particular threat to the safety of all car dealerships is orchestrated car theft groups that will threaten car dealerships. If this has been an issue in the past, engaging in video analytics that can recognize faces in security cameras is critical.

In deterrence, information such as clothes, posture, and facial features can all be used as indicators after a crime and exchanged with law enforcement. Ultimately, a dealer must recognize what kind of security system is already in place and how successful it is.

If the security camera device in use is an analog CCTV system then an update to a more current network IP security camera system is definitely time. Extremely outdated Surveillance systems. Their functions and capabilities are limited, often virtually useless when most of them are needed.

Replacing an old analog CCTV device with network IP security cameras for car dealerships can save cash on a long-term basis and significantly improve safety.

Benefits Of Security Cameras

Implementing car dealership security cameras can provide a number of benefits that will improve business safety. Below are only a few of the advantages that dealerships can receive.

Deter Crime

Any company, even car dealerships, should render intrusion and crime prevention. One of its paramount obligations to ensure the property and people’s safety. Security cameras are one of the strongest crime deterrents a company can introduce.

Especially with innovative technology, which has become the standard in modern video surveillance. Research also consistently demonstrated that the mere presence of security cameras could deter criminals absolutely.

This is because the most convenient and fragile option will always be picked by offenders.

Protect The Inventory

When mentioned earlier, car dealerships have a stock that is much more costly than other retail companies. In fact, much of their vehicle stock is left out after hours. Which can be a tempting target for offenders and organized car theft rings. Maintaining the security of the dealership is paramount and security cameras can provide a powerful layer of defense.

Options such as motion detection or internet-enabled system indicate that when a motion sensor is activated, it will immediately alert the property manager and security personnel.

Keep Employees, Customers, And Buildings Safe

Although maintaining the stock is an important priority, keeping customers and workers secure is equally important. Car dealership security cameras will keep safety and employees aware of any security concerns that may occur during the day and after hours. Security cameras can also improve the quality of the security staff of a dealership by holding them informed with updates.

Remote viewing is another feature security staff can take advantage of, allowing them to watch video feeds while patrolling.


Within a wireless network security system, IP cameras make it easy for dealers to incorporate new technology and enhancements when necessary. It is also possible to integrate the network IP security system into an ID card timekeeping application. That can render monitoring hours of workers even simpler. These can also be combined with physical security devices such as car alarms and door locks for air conditioning and heating systems.

Beneficial Practices For Implementing Security Cameras

There are some useful tips that consumers can use to better incorporate their new video monitoring system. Although in certain environments some security cameras work well, these tips can help most situations. Combining a range of security camera styles is beneficial to build a robust, far-reaching security system.
When using exterior security cameras, one useful recommendation is to ensure that they are installed in safe housing. That can shield them from damage or harsh weather. Storage, maintenance, and areas for workers only are critical places where security cameras can be installed. Monitoring such places can safeguard personal belongings and equipment that is essential or unsafe.


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