Reasons To Buy A Hidden Security Camera

Reasons To Buy A Hidden Security Camera

Often Singaporeans want their security cameras to be big and noticeable. Why? They want to be sure that thieves, trespassers, and other criminals can see them. People even hang up signs around the property saying that it is being monitored. In many instances, these strategies are enough to deter individuals from breaking in, stealing assets, or victimizing family members or employees.

That’s not always the case, of course. The individuals sometimes do not allow the security system to stop them from doing what they came to do. Nonetheless, the cameras will record their acts if they break a window or jimmy the front door and even send an alert to the smartphone of the homeowner.

Cameras are available in all shapes and sizes. Some are wide and hard to see while others are small and unobtrusive. Sometimes, homeowners and business owners in Singapore want tiny prototypes that are unobtrusive. There are hidden cameras for them that look like objects of everyday lifelike …

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Speakers
  • Clocks
  • Light Bulbs And More
  • Pinhole

Keep an Eye on Your Staff with a Hidden Camera

Theft of workers is not a secret. It’s been going on for years. Dishonest employees are taking office supplies, committing fraud, and stealing items that should be in stock. These events occur more frequently than one might think. Reports indicate that companies lose from workplace fraud between $50 and $100 billion each year.

So, if business owners in Singapore feel they have a few rotten eggs in the batch, they should consider installing secret CCTV cameras to discreetly monitor their shops, warehouses, and offices.

Utilize A Hidden Camera To Stay A Step Ahead Of Home Intruders

Once criminals see security cameras, they can find a way around the devices. Sneak in and steal your belongings, and leave without anybody ever finding out. Thieves sometimes even disguise themselves as contractors or repairmen and come right up to the front door to spread out the room.

A doorbell camera can therefore help you keep track of who’s coming up the path. Some models even let the owner speak to the person while they’re out, making them think someone’s back.

The Trespassers Are Not Always Strangers

Among humans, they like to extend the benefit of the doubt to others that they are good people. Sadly, they don’t always play out those thoughts and feelings. Homeowners know the person who breaks their trust on many occasions. For example, incidents involving tenants, neighbors, and friends have happened and will continue to occur.

You might be doing something else in your house and cheating on you. A hidden camera disguised as a keeper of clock or office desk products can provide you with the hard evidence you need to prove the crime has happened.


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