The Importance of Security Video Playback

The Importance of Security Video Playback

Surveillance in Singapore is very common. It is very reliable to use Digital Video Recorders to archive video footage captured by surveillance cameras.

Basically, a Digital Video Recorder is essentially an electronic device used to record videos to a mass storage system in digital format.

A DVR’s core components include hardware, storage units, and a hard disk drive that is all combined into a single unit. Capable of capturing and storing video feed and converting it to digital data. Such advanced technological instruments are capable of starting recording using motion detectors based on the slightest movement.

Since DVRs are associated with surveillance and security cameras, they are designed and developed according to the user’s specifications. In different sizes and for various security applications.

A DVR may be small and easily concealable when working with a small surveillance camera. Or maybe as large as a tv screen in some situations. Often DVRs often come with remote controls that allow a user to watch the footage from a different location. Then in Singapore over the phone. There are essentially 3 different DVR styles. The following are:

PC-Based DVR

A PC-based DVR will typically be incorporated into a fully charged monitoring station. The station will have both hardware and software compressions running on a personal computer. A PC-based DVR is made up of a video board, a network card, a memory drive, and a motherboard.

They also come with a DVR capture card with the necessary requirements for analog security cameras or IP cameras. Such as video inputs or Ethernet ports.

The main advantage of PC-based DVRs is that when talking about storage spaces they have no limitations. The space involved with these recorders is expandable and flexible. So that it can be connected with additional peripheral storage devices.

Analog signals are translated to digital signals and then compressed in order to store them in the storage space and then use them for further processing. The device allows images and videos collected to be scanned and recovered at any time.

Embedded DVR

The device acts as a single unit in such systems and can capture and store analog CCTV footage in hard drives and other external storage devices. The basic code required to run the device is stored on the chip images as well as external data, and videos are saved on a hard drive.

Generally, these types of systems have multiple internal memory spaces and ports that allow other external storage devices to be attached.

The system uses an embedded operating system in real-time that can not be accessed through an external environment. This makes the system safer and safer against viruses and malware.

Hybrid DVR

This kind of DVR is different in its ability to record multiple video formats such as analog CCTV footage or IP camera footage. This makes the transition from analog to IP monitoring very easy. The major drawback of this type of DVR, though, is the lack of flexibility in contrast with other DVR types.

Because it can tolerate more than one video format, it has no limitations on video recording. This being said, using analog recording in low-risk areas and an IP camera is usually recommended. To achieve high resolution when dealing with high-risk security areas. Managing the recorded analog or IP video data is also very easy.


Based on the different institutions in Singapore and different security requirements, security needs vary. Before investing in a DVR, it is wise to consider all the requirements. All DVRs are highly efficient in terms of performance based on security requirements.

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